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About Simone

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I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since very early in my life I had a special interest in traveling, interior design, and arts & crafts. I always loved to cook and entertain family and friends at my home. 

I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration in Switzerland where I met my husband and lived for 15 years. Later on we relocated to Boston with our 3 children. 


In 2009, I decided to pursue my true passion and got a Bachelor degree in Interior Decoration at the New England Institute of Art.


During my travels around the globe I was able to learn, value and get influenced

by some amazing cultures and traditions.  


One of these traditions I loved to learn about was the art of hand embroidery. 


Today the few skilled, mostly women, embroiders are preserving the tradition of hand embroidery, by passing their skills from generation to generation. 


Embroider’s agile and patient hands create one of a kind “pieces of art” to decorate our tables and homes.


At One of a Table, I share with you precious treasures, traditions and historical influences through my curations making for one of a kind tablescapes and home accessories.


Enjoy it!


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